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Element NaamVersieOplosdatumOmschrijvingDescription
ImageAssetDatAidTemplate2.713-12-2021Attribute infite loop problem solvedInfinite loop for tagged values for attributes is solved. Currently by only commenting out the routine. Research needed when relevant
ImageAssetDatAidTemplate2.707-12-2021Routine extended with search and replaceIn the search and replace routine the -- and __ are also replaced Furthermore the replace routine is added to the columns the constraints and the parameters of the constraints
ImageAssetArchitectureWizard22.705-12-2021Checkbox added for displaying packages in progressThere is a checkbox added for elements with the status workpackage architect (NS specific)
ImageAssetPackageHelper2.705-12-2021Sort on data vault addedSort on datavault added. This means that there is a sort on the naming conventing that the last characters of the name provide the datavault table type
ImageAssetPackageHelper2.729-11-2021Update status routine addedRecursively update the status of a rootelement and all the children. It is based on the status of the active package and its children
ImageAssetArchitectureWizard42.729-11-2021Wizard is aware of the position on the screen for various elementsThe wizard passes the X coordinates of the various element types to the diagram objects in the relevant diagrams
ImageAssetPackageHelper2.729-11-2021Update of the interactionNot based on button but on checkboxes to make it possible to combine the actions in one update process
ImageAssetArchitectureWizard22.725-11-2021SQL statement altered for new naming conventionNew naming conventing with #Module in the name is added so the select statement displays more specific elements from the repository
ImageAssetEntityChecker2.725-11-2021Coloring based on the status of the element (specific for NS) 
ImageAssetSettingsUser2.725-11-2021Extra user checkbox added for displaying the deleted elements 
ImageAssetSettingsSystem2.725-11-2021Extra SQL statements for the wizard window including the addinitial settings setup for non existing elements 
ImageAssetSettingsSystem2.725-11-2021Version number functionalityYou can add a version number to the system settings. With hat version number you can give only users with a current version of the AddON access to the AddOn functionalities
ImagePackageReporter2.725-11-2021Simplified Package reporterThe HTML reporter of IDEA is simplified so it is more easy to generate HTML pages based on a bootstrap setup and Javascript is nog available in the resulting HTML code so no more problems with browsers that would not open HTML pages
ImageAssetEntityChecker2.725-11-2021Delete entity checker added 
ImageAssetEntityChecker2.7Continue your delete addedDialog added for elements that are connected to entities in the reference architecture or not. With the checkbox you define the delete action to take place or not
ImageAssetArchiMaid22035C5A66CHGArchiMaid settings addedFor the archimaid window a list of archimate concepts is added to the settings. This makes it possible to define your own set of archimate concepts. It is extended with a list of layers and columns for filtering in the archimaid window
ClassHelperGenerate3.01Generator for FDM modifiedStrange behaviour on the propagation of association to PDM modiefied
ImageAssetPackageHelper3.01Sort on stereotype and name extended with objecttypeFor the elements without a stereotype
ImageAssetTranslations3.01Screens can be translated nowEvery IDEA screen can be translated to a language of your choice the text of the controls are stored here
ImageAssetTranslations3.01Setting added for reading and writing control textIn the settings there is an option for setting the behaviour of the screens to read write or both (read and write) the text of the controls
ImageAssetArchitectureWizard13.01Various modifications on the behaviour of the wizard
  • Initial load of the templates based on the diagram
  • Finish button processes the generation of the module
  • Previous button and previous tab selection now has no influence on the behaviour
  • Validation on double name does not return an error any more
ImageAssetArchiMate3.01Layout and functionality modifiedNew setup of the archimaid screen to support more generic searches without clicking on many buttons
ImageAssetPackageHelper3.01Remove nesting functionality improvedModifications in the sql statement behind this routine is improved