What is IDEA


IDEA is an abbreviation for Integrated Data Entity Architecture. It is a methodology and an implementation in Sparx Enterprise Architect to create an integrated data architecture. It is an addon for EA that supports data modelers and architects with various aids and helpers


The IDEA elements like the viewpoints and scripts etc are developed based on Open Source and a community.

Organisations that contributed to the community and the software are:

  • TenneT

  • Dictu (Ministry of Economics and Agriculture

  • LVNL (Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland)

  • NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen)

  • Hoogheemraadschap Delfland


This means that the community is a group of organisations and people who benefit from the developed products. They can therefore do suggestions for new functionalities.

  • Everybody can become a passive member of the community. This means that you only have to register at this website and after that you receive an email with a link to all the downloads.

  • Active members have the possibility to define functionalities and based on their requirements and input extra material is developed. Based on there requests a sponsor pays for the development costs. Advantage for active members is that they define the functionalities but share the development costs. When you want to become an active member please contact us via the contact page