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ArchiMate is a part of the AddOn with a screen for a combination of search and toolbox for ArchiMate. It reduces the change for duplicate elements in the repository.


Assistant is a number of screens with extra functionality. It is available via the menu specialize and in the ribbon the IDEA button (under Add-Ins)

Conceptual datamodel example

The conceptual model shows a relatively abstract representation of the entities without the corresponding details such as the attributes and the cardinalities of the associations. In the conceptual model the links between the entities are shown and more importantly a common model (and vocabulary) is defined from the field. In particular, the description of the meaning of the entities is therefore important. In addition to the vocabulary, a number of additional aspects of the entities are also considered: The use of these entities for example in (business) processes or within applications. Data governance aspects of the entities, for example who owns the data, who needs to be informed or consulted about changes, etc. For the conceptual model, ArchiMate was chosen because this language makes it possible to make connections with other entity types in an organization (processes, applications etc).

Conceptual model viewpoints

The conceptual model has the focus especially on the business perspective. In these viewpoints only the entities and their mutual associations are described. So no details of attributes and the like. Within the conceptual modeling, the possibility to describe the meaning of entities and to get them unambiguously becomes clear and is one of the most important aspects of the conceptual model

Data Management viewpoints

Data management is mainly focused on the business aspects of the data. The elaboration is based on the DMBoK framework of Three viewpoints have been elaborated on ownership, use and quality. Here too, an extension is possible once the community needs it. The DMBoK includes a wealth of viewpoints in this. For the modeling we use ArchiMate concepts like stakeholder and requirements or constraints in combination with matrices.

Data qualities

Data qualities are developed by an international consortium ( They are used for defining relevant measures and activities to improve data qualities when this is relevant.


The deduplicator is a rountine in the IDEA addon to merge elements with the same name and stereotype. This can be done on package and element level.

Example Architecture

This sample is based on a part of the adventure works database from Microsoft and shows the implementation of the four layers of the IDEA architecture in a relative simple entity model.

Example FormFactory entities

Example of a number of software entities specific for a certain software framework the FormFactory.

Example model for software development

In a number of situations the logical model can be used to define an extra physical implementation in software. For example for interfaces or for (data entry forms etc).

Example of a data catalogue

Data management or data catalogue example of adventure works based on the DaMa concepts

Example of a data model

Example of the three data model layer:
  • Conceptual model
  • Logical model
  • Physical model

Example of a User Interface

For user interfaces a standardized and simple notation can be used to give an idea about what the GUI will look like.


IDEA is a combination of functionalities for data modeling and data architecture. It automates the tedious and repeating modeling activities.



IDEA Documentation

This is the documentation of the IDEA AddOn. It is a combination of:
  • Description of the user interface
  • Source code of the AddOn


Screens documentation with a brief description of the various screens in the IDEA AddOn. Please see also the webvideos on the various screens and usage of functionalities

Logical data model viewpoints

The logical model describes the structure of the data in an implementation independent manner. (In EA, implementation is not entirely language independent unless you define your own data types. The logical model is mainly based on UML class diagrams with a number of extra entities such as enumerations and possibly interfaces for lookups. The latter you use especially for the generation of application code so is only then modeled.

Logical datamodel example

Logical model example is the implementation independent detail model of the adventure works example

Physical data model viewpoints

The physical model is aimed at modeling platform specific modeling. This can be data modeling for (relational) databases, but also schema definitions (XSDs) are forms of physical data modeling. Within the physical data modeling much detail is added focused on the implementation. This is often aimed at generating source code (for example, DDL)

Physical datamodel example

Physical model example is the implementation specific detail model of the adventure works example based on a SQL Server 2016 relational database

Sample qualities

Package with two sets of standard qualities. One for Data entities (from and one for Software (from ISO).

Software qualities

Software qualities are used to define the quality of software applications and component based on an internation ISO standard.

Stakeholders in sample data catalogue

Package with a number of stakeholders in the example project. Only used to show the set up the data management associations and matrices.


The library is still named TEA based on the initial project done at TenneT. Currently IDEA and TEA are combined to one library. The name is maintained for legacy reasons






In deze viewpoints worden de verschillende notatiewijzen beschreven waarmee de data catalogus kan worden opgebouwd. Het is initieel gebaseerd op vier hoofdelementen maar kan eenvoudig worden uitgebreid. De elementen zijn:
  • Data Management
  • Conceptueel model
  • Logisch model
  • Fysiek model
Uitbreidingen waar je aan kunt denken zijn bijvoorbeeld Data Security, Privacy maar ook aan interfaces zoals webservices, webapi's NoSQL etc. Indien deze later binnen de community relevant blijken te zijn dan worden deze alsnog uitgewerkt