Startpages give users or usergroups a shortcut to relevant information in the repository. Also it is a powerful tool to add description to specific parts or elements available in the repository.


This can help users to get easy access to information, giving them guidance in navigating in large repositories or give them a viewpoint to parts of the architecture content. This all is especially usefull in large enterprise architecture repositories. Below a few examples of links to repository content and external hyperlinks are given.


Repository content


With startpages in the WPP you can create hyperlinks to various page types within the platform. That can be entryforms, display forms or content pages. A number of examples below








External links


Furthermore you can add links to external pages. This makes it possible to create links to content that is maintained somewhere else. For example:






Startpages are easily adaptable by a custodian or a webmaster. Within the platform it is easily possible to modify the content of startpages but also the functionality and the autorisation around the platform and the content