Dit kan ook door middel van een matrix worden weergegeven. Zie de voorbeeld toepassing met deze matrixweergave: Data Catalog : Data Catalog Matrices

Package Data Management viewpoints
Author Bert Dingemans
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Primary data quality viewpoint

This viewpoint connects three archimate concepts. These are the information entities and a requirement that is subdivided into a number of data qualities. In the example, the DAMA data quality list is used.
Within the associations, a score is given to the data within the entities (business object and data object). Keep in mind that this score can be an ist but also a soll or desired score. This can be further elaborated in the matrix by including a double score.

In this viewpoint an example of the matrix is included including the example qualities of DaMa

Primary data usage viewpoint

This viewpoint indicates which business and data objects are used by which users and perhaps even more importantly in which way. This is done by giving the associations between the user and the data objects a CRUD score. This can of course also be displayed in a matrix view

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